Forget the familiar meaning of the word “tour”, the Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel offers you a two-hour event where you will not get bored.

In the nursery North you are waiting for:

  • about sixty tailed representatives of various riding breeds, which you can hug, stroke, feed from hand (feed is provided)
  • classic Siberian husky, which you can cuddle and take pictures. These loving fluffy blue-eyed creatures will immediately win your heart. You walk with the dog you like, or even not with one
  • riding a real team on a picturesque track in the forest (additional charge)

Despite the fact that most of the excursions take place on the street, in winter you will not have to freeze. Tea is waiting for you in a warm room with a wood stove. The warmth and smell of a tree will warm in any frost. You will be treated to hot tea. Here you can buy yourself souvenirs with the image of dogs. The assortment of socks, belts and mittens made of real dog wool.

Address: Moscow, st. 1st Northern Line, d. 31, p. 1
8 (967) 120-79-10