The city plunged into a snowy tale, all the streets and houses are covered with a soft white carpet. And the Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel will tell you today about the most wonderful places in Moscow, where you can fully experience the New Year’s atmosphere.

Festive fair on Red Square.
Here you will find flickering lights, elegant Christmas trees, the smell of tangerine and mulled wine, free roundabouts for the smallest, round dances and Gum-skating rink, many souvenirs and a huge selection of original gifts. Also here you can forge memorable coins for yourself and your friends.

City of winter at VDNKh.
In addition to the winter fairy tale created here, you can remember your childhood and visit Yukigassen playground. This is a Japanese snowball game. Also here you will find a curling pavilion and a large tubing track.

Ice Town on Poklonnaya Hill.
Poklonnaya Hill is first of all a monument of historical importance. A 50-meter Moscow Kremlin was built here, in which a cascade of icy cities is located. This year, the ice city with its sculptures will reveal the theme of the Greatest Civilizations of the history of mankind. Everything on Poklonnaya Hill will be dedicated to this – animation, shows, and even unique activities.

Theater on Tverskaya.
Be sure to take a walk on Tverskaya Square. There are bright light arches, festoons, a Christmas tree and an atmosphere of magic. Theaters from Italy, France, Germany and other countries will also perform here. You will see puppet shows, mirror performance and unusual performances.

The residence of Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus).
The fabulous Terem is located in the Kuzminsky forest. Where you can find the main magic character of winter and his granddaughter Snegurochka. Only here you can walk with a guided tour of all the Terem, learn how Ded Moroz lives in Moscow, and listen to him about his life and preparation for the New Year.

The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 wishes you a wonderful time.