Unbelievable, but ten minutes walk from our hotel, in the heart of a busy metropolis, there is a quiet garden hidden behind lush green foliage, which can only be reached through Podkopaevskaya lane.

The old garden was laid out in the 15th century, and at present it is called by the name of the last owners, the merchants Morozovs.

On the territory of just half a hectare, there are many flower beds, maples, chestnuts, wild grapes grow …

And literally 10 meters across the road, there is a completely different atmosphere of the Khokhlovka Art Quarter, it is also called “local Berlin”!

A place of creative freedom, a street art gallery – chambers of the 17th century, pre-revolutionary buildings, Soviet buildings, unusual restaurants and coffee houses, graffiti, painted trees, art workshops, design studios, a vintage jewelry store, youth, music!

Interested? Then – Go Ahead!