As we approach Christmas the Maroseyka 2/15 hotel offers you a list of top 5 well decorated restaurants to visit.

Komu Zhit Horosho
Submerge into Christmas atmosphere right from the enter: Christmas tree, twinkling lights in the main hole, accompanied by musicians, it’s worth mentioning that the last performer was a participant of Russian “Voice”.

The venue is located at the height of the 52nd floor of the Federation Tower, the Moscow City. An ideal place for spectacular photos: the interior is not cluttered with tables, which makes access to panoramic windows as free as possible.

The facade deserves to be called the best Christmas place in Moscow. The interior takes you back to the 19th century with its Christmas decorations. Christmas trees of all sizes are absolutely everywhere. Live music adds even more magic to the atmosphere.

Food Embassy
A cozy place, pastel colors will make you feel like you are at home, somewhere in the countryside. The Christmas tree makes the atmosphere even better. There are also different activities for children. On the 24th of December at 14:00 the party named “Sneguroschka & Ded Moroz” (Russian Santa) will take place. Kids will get a chance to participate in games, presents for everybody!

Brassarie Most
You will find a pompous mood in Paris here. Elegant stucco molding, huge crystal chandeliers, painted walls and tables with white tablecloths complement the most beautiful decorations in the form of fir wreaths and bouquets. Just imagine the perfect New Year’s morning in such a place: Christmas surroundings, people hurrying for presents outside the window and enjoying refined and therefore festive French cuisine accompanied by warming drinks.