The Maroseyka 2/15 will hold for you a tour of the most romantic restaurants in Moscow. Here you will have a chance to enjoy the view of the old streets of Moscow and taste gastronomic delights.

We offer you our top 5 restaurants:

Restaurant on the Bolotnui
Dishes of wild fish, as well as a wide selection of culinary masterpieces: meat, vegetable, vegetarian and desserts. A pleasant addition will be a magnificent view of the Moscow River and the sights of the capital.
Address: Bersenevskaya Embankment, 12, p. 1
+7 495 644 03 40

Bar Conservatory
Here you will truly fall in love with Moscow. Enjoy spectacular views of the Kremlin, Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater. The highlight of the bar is its menu with a large selection of dishes and cocktails created in the best traditions of modern botany.
Address: st. Neglinnaya, 4 (10th floor of the hotel “Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow”)
+7 495 793 12 98

Restaurant Aviator
The fascinating view from the 52nd floor to the panorama of Moscow, which is buried in the lights, allows you to experience the full scale of the metropolis thanks to a continuous display glazing. The original author’s menu impresses with its amazingly creative serving of dishes and an unusual combination of tastes.
Address: Presnenskaya emb., 12,
Federation Tower: West, 52nd floor
+7 495 204 25 66

Restaurant-ship Lastochka
The advantage of this restaurant is that it is located on the water – a spacious yacht equipped with the latest technology that will take you around the gorgeous landscapes of the Moscow River and fresh air. And the chef of the restaurant is a real Italian. Cuisine: European, Asian, Mediterranean.
Address: st. Luzhniki, 24, bldg. 5, Moscow
+7 495 778 89 94

White Rabbit Restaurant
Located under a glass dome on the sixteenth floor of the Smolensky passage. Here borsch with grilled crucian, baked beans and turnip chips. Do you know how tasty veal language can be? Here it will be served in a witty version a la ice cream “Gourmand” – stewed in dough of bird cherry with morel sauce.
Address: Moscow, Smolenskaya Square, 3, 16th floor
+7 495 510 510 1, +7 495 782 62 62