The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel talks about the science festival dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the great scientist Charles Darwin.

On October 12, from 11:00 to 17:00, a large-scale scientific event will be held in the Darwin Museum.


▪ Presentation of an interactive “avatar” of a Neanderthal.
Museum specialists combined the scientific reconstruction of the Neanderthal and modern 3D scanning methods to create a three-dimensional animation of the appearance of an ancient person. Interactive “avatar” Neanderthal in real time copies and tries on your facial expressions and movements.

▪ Master class on DNA extraction from banana.
In the museum laboratory, you yourself will receive, see with your own eyes and even be able to take home an amazing molecule of heredity. Your test subjects will be banana cells.

▪ A popular lecture on molecules “guilty” of the origin of life on Earth.
You will learn what atoms and molecules have become the key to the origin and complication of life on our planet, what matter is considered living, and what is the secret of the vitality of bacteria.

▪ Lesson about the most hardy organisms.

▪ Popular science film about city crows, as well as an informative lecture on how evolution “drove” birds into burrows.
Did you know that crows have a developed intellect, are easy to learn, superbly imitate sounds, resourceful, inventive and loyal to their “soul mates” all their lives? They have many different concerns, but there is always time for games and entertainment.

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