The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel invites you to the Moskvarium at VDNKh. On September 28-29 there will be a celebration dedicated to World Sea Day.

The main venue of the celebration will be the second floor of Moskvarium, which will turn into a large entertainment area with exhibition space and a stage where sea performances, educational classes and prize drawings will take place. Entrance to the second floor of the Moskvarium is free.

Leading ichthyologists will conduct a series of cognitive classes for children and adults. Experts will talk about the rich flora and fauna of the White, Baltic, Black and Japanese Seas. In the classroom, special attention will be paid to working with contact aquariums. Under the strict guidance of ichthyologists, visitors can touch the amazing inhabitants of the Sea of Japan: the Amur starfish, scallop patiria and sea cucumbers – trepangs.

The top of the milk will be the interactive show “On the seabed” about the adventures of the Little Mermaid, who lost her voice due to the treachery of the sea witch Ursula and the cunning Eel. The show will be accompanied by fascinating chemical experiments and soap bubble shows

The marine animals show “World Travel” is also worth your while. The plot is based on an exciting trip to the bathyscaphe. You will plunge into the magical atmosphere of four oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic. The main characters of the performance are marine animals: dolphins, walruses, sea lions and killer whales.

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