Very close to our hotel “Maroseyka 2/15” is Zabelina Street with a trendy landscaped pedestrian area.

The architectural ensemble of the street is made up of former tenement houses and city estates built according to the designs of famous architects – Sergei Voskresensky, Vladimir Sherwood and others.

Pay attention to the huge six-story gray building, which occupies an entire block with courtyards, built on the site of the former Salt Fish Yard, the ancient trading structure of the White City.

Further along the odd side is the recently restored N.A. Sumarokova – N.A. Tyulyaeva, which is based on the chambers of the 17th century, in whose courtyard in 2008 a monument to Osip Mandelstam was erected.

Climb Ivanovskaya Gorka and you will see the ensemble of the 15th century Ivanovsky Monastery built in the Florentine style on your right in all its glory.