The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to visit the exhibition Day of British Education.
What do you get by coming to the exhibition?

Answers to questions:

  • Where to go to study?
  • How to choose the best university?
  • When to apply?
  • Who chooses admissions?

You will be able to personally communicate with representatives of respectable universities and find out their admission requirements.

British universities, known for the excellent level of teaching, the strongest teaching staff, high ranks in international rankings will be presented at the exhibition.

You will also learn about US universities. Communicate with an expert to discuss the features of American education. Thereby you can compare which system is better.

Time and venue:
December 8 from 12:00 to 17:00
The Hotel National, Pskov hall
Moscow, st. Mohovaya, 15/1
Admission is free, but preliminary registration is required on the website.