The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel today tells about an unusual house. If you turn on Chistoprudny Boulevard, you will almost immediately stumble upon a house with fabulous beasts.

Terracotta bas-reliefs of fantastic animals, birds and plants, made according to the sketches of the artist S.I. Vashkova who was a student of Vasnetsov. He was inspired by the bas-reliefs of Dmitrievsky Cathedral in Vladimir, which he considered the peak of Vladimir architecture.

Initially, the house was built four-story, but in 1945 two more floors were added. The superstructure was carried out so that the upper floors are not particularly distinguished from the old part of the house. The interiors have preserved elements of decoration: lattice of stairs, doors, reliefs above them, stucco decorations of the ceiling in the apartments.

The staircase with the owls was added several years ago, so it has nothing to do with the original
architectural solution.

Chistoprudny Boulevard, d.14, p. 3