The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel offers you an idea where to spend a romantic day for all lovers. A festival will be held on ice rinks in three parks of Moscow.

VDNKh skating rink

Here you get a special icon your level of readiness for friendly or romantic communication.

Also in the evening program:

  • dance workshops
  • quiz
  • outdoor games on ice
  • quick dates
  • entertainment concert
  • animators

In the pavilions for the rental of skates you can exchange valentines cards. Starting at 17:00 you will receive a card and sign it. You can give a valentines card to your soul mate or to any person you like at the rink.

Ice rink in the Gorky Park

Pleasant music will create a romantic atmosphere, stylish photo zones will captivate you with variety for a long time, and you can enjoy the winter nature on a pedestrian quest where you will be offered to solve puzzles.

On the tour you will learn about the relationship between Alexander Pushkin and Natalya Goncharova, Nicholas I and Alexandra Fedorovna and other historical figures.

Skating rink in Vorontsov park

It will be a musical evening. You will listen to cult romantic songs, take a ride among the bright lights of the rink.

The highlight of the festival will be a competition for the most beautiful couple. To participate, find a photographer at the event and ask him to take a photo. Pictures will appear in the public park “VKontakte”, where the vote will take place.