The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to try an explosive berry-fruit mix, generously sprinkled with superfoods, coconut chips, nuts and other useful ingredients. Smoothie Bowl is the most visually beautiful healthy food, served in deep dishes. You can try it at following places:

Sytinsky lane, 4
Here you can find only one smoothie-bowl, but you can try the rest of the unusual and healthy menu.

Acai Family
Danilovsky market, 1st floor, Mytnaya street, 74
The variety of menu and choice will pleasantly impress you.

Located in almost every district of Moscow, the address can be found on the website:
In addition to new delicious desserts, you can also try smoothie bowls

Soul in the bowl
Presnenskaya emb., 8, bld. 1, Moscow (MFC Capital City)
For sweets lovers there is a chocolate smoothie bowl