The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 wishes you to spend time not only in an interesting and fun way, but also with benefits. Therefore, we recommend you to visit the new sports complex Point Up, which contains all the sports entertainment of the new generation:

  • Olympic trampoline – the largest covered inflatable strip
  • Rope park – a unique rope attraction with interesting elements at different altitudes
  • Climbing wall – with different levels of difficulty
  • Ninja trail – the most famous obstacle course in the world
  • trampoline complex – fashionable entertainment, well, who does not want to experience the feeling of flying?
  • Hero’s path – a fun obstacle course, where automated mechanisms and structures will interfere with your way

Imagine that all this is located in an area the size of 2 football stadiums. Everyone here will find entertainment for the soul. For children there is a three-story town with an interactive climbing wall. All children are looked after by staff.

Address: Metro. Savelovskaya, st. Skladochnaya, 1, p. 1
There is parking lot near the complex – the first 2 hours are free
Tel.: 8 800 550 81 34