Every guest of our beautiful city thinks about – what to bring from Moscow to relatives and friends?

Buy the delicious Moscow cake – it is sold in many pastry shops!

In the summer of 2015, the confectioners received a competition task from the Mayor – to come up with and develop a cake that personifies Moscow, from raw materials that are directly related to Russia and the taste of which the buyer knows from childhood!

Of the ten proposed options, this one immediately turned out to be tasty, the townspeople liked it and became the winner of the popular vote!

This is a real delicacy made of airy meringue with hazelnuts sandwiched with cream based on boiled condensed milk. The surface of the cake is decorated with red glittering icing based on white chocolate.

The diameter of the cake is 14.5 cm, there is also a square mini-cake.

We suggest you take a leisurely walk to the Dobryninsky confectionery store at 21/5 Kuznetsky Most!

Enjoy your meal!