The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to enjoy the aromas of freshly ground coffee to the best coffee houses in Moscow.

Coffee lovers will appreciate the excellent selection of varieties, beans and roast. And they will be able to enjoy home experiments. So, we share the addresses:

Cooperative Black
In addition to low prices and delicious coffee, you can subscribe to coffee here. That is, each month you will receive an envelope with three packs of coffee from three different farms and a letter with a story about this coffee and the people whose work it was created.
Lyalin per., 5, p. 1

Camera Obscura Coffee
Green Arabica coffee specially selected in Africa and South America gets its own roasting in Moscow. You receive roasted coffee within 2 weeks from the date of roasting. There are a lot of coffee houses in Moscow, the street closest to the hotel Maroseyka, d. 4/2, p. 1,
Central Market on Maroseyka

Cezve Coffee
Specialize in making coffee in the sand. Also in their store you can buy exclusive Soy silver-plated copper Turks.
Krymskaya nab., Vl2

Smart Coffee
This is an open coffee space that combines an advanced coffee house, a training center for barista and coffee roasters, and a full-fledged coffee production.
Peace Avenue 119, building 47, “House of Crafts”