Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 invites you to a fascinating journey, where you can forget about gravity and experience the jump of a parachutist. Feel like a Formula 1 racer and complete aerobatics.

We present you the center of dynamic entertainment Aerodynamics.
Here you can experience:

  • 4 floors of entertainment
  • one-piece panoramic wind tunnel for stunning shots
  • flight simulator with full illusion of flight
  • ️racing car simulators
  • virtual reality platform with many games
  • interactive shooting
  • auto-football, try to play football using a radio-controlled machine

The center is open from 10am to 22pm

Address: 47 km Moscow Ring Road, 7
10 minutes from metro station Rumyantsevo. A free shuttle runs from Yogo-Zapadnaya metro station. Schedule on the website:
Phone: +7 499 650 77 88