The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel offers you to take a look at how it all started. You will get to see popular hosts; you will get a chance to listen to super hits of past 20 years.

Time: September 27 from 7:30pm to 11pm in the SC “Olympic”.
Venue: Olympic Stadium.

There has never been an event of such magnitude. The main stage of the country is to host a live show which will include not only artists of the past but modern top chart singers as well. 3D will help you to submerge in the past, the present and the future of the MTV Russia TV channel. Each performance will be accompanied by a mini-presentation using visual effects.

Get charged with all the positive energy.

Spleen, Noize MC, Therr Maitz, Elka, Feduk, SunSay, Manizha, Polina, Nike Borzov, Bricks, Linda, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Alsu, Sergey Bobunets, Masha & Medvedi, Antoha MC and not only.

And one more special, once again united only for the show, Eva Polna and Yuri Usachev with a set of songs from the group Gosti iz Budushego.

Prices: from 550 rub. to 9 900 rub.