The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to a special screening of the film “Gone with the Wind.” It will be held only on September 14 and 29 on the big screen in the Cosmos cinema.

A few words about the picture: 1861, the American South is about to submerge into the Civil War. Rhett Butler falls in love with the frivolous girl from a wealthy family, Scarlett O`Hara. He promises to win her at all costs, but she loves Ashley, who in his turn is in love with another girl. Then, with the outbreak of war, having lost farm and mother, Scarlett swears that she will do anything for the sake of survival and will never starve. The war ends with the defeat of the Confederation. Scarlett gets married and becomes a business pragmatic woman, but then realizes that she still loves Rhett. However, this is only a small fraction of what is happening in this large-scale film which has received 8 Oscars, where, while the millstones of history rotate, people love and hate each other with all the strength of their hearts.

Address: Ave. Mira, 109, m. VDNH
Tickets from 350 rub.