The State Academic Maly Theater of Russia, one of the oldest theaters in Moscow, opens its 266th season on September 2, 2021

The theater’s repertoire is based on the great plays of A.N. Ostrovsky and A.P. Chekhov, as well as productions based on the works of world and domestic classics, every year the theater produces 4-5 premiere performances.

The theater is headed by the artistic director of the People’s Artist of the USSR Y.M. Solomin.
There are many famous artists in the troupe of the theater – I.V. Muravyova, L.P. Polyakova, V.I.Bochkarev, B.G. Nevzorov and others .

The theater has two stage venues (Main stage – on Theater passage, building 1 and Branch – on the street Bolshaya Ordynka, building 69).

Hotel “Maroseika 2/15” invites to spend an evening with the Maly Theater!

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