Japanese scientists say that a portion of ice cream for breakfast increases mental alertness and fills the body with energy. After a series of experiments, they concluded that cold ice cream removes the human brain from a sleepy state and helps to “shake it up”.

Therefore, the hotel Maroseyka 2/15 offers you a list of top 5 places in Moscow, where they sell the most original and tasty ice cream:

Club Chaynaya Vysota
Address: st. Pokrovka 27
Here you will enjoy not only a selection of more than 250 varieties of Chinese tea, but also sorbet and ice cream based on varietal teas.

Address: Vernadsky Avenue, 11/19
Ice cream, cooked according to Italian recipes with many unusual flavors. Here you will find Sicilian pistachio, Caribbean rum with raisins, cherries with chocolate, mango, tiramisu, caramel with sea salt etc. And the main secret of this ice cream is less cream, more milk and fruit.

Lyod ‘n’ Roll
Address: Teatralny passage, 5, Central Children’s Store, 6th floor
Here, fruit puree is first spread on a cold surface, then hooked with a spatula and rolled into rolls. They also add different fillings: Oreo and Choco Pie cookies, snickers and chocolate sticks, pumpkin and cucumber. And many more interesting combinations.

Japanese restaurant Tanuki
Address: 120 Mira Avenue
Traditionally, most dishes from this restaurant are made from rice. Just like the Japanese treat Mochi – in a viscous mass they give a bright color and a sweetish taste, then they wrap it around a ball of ice cream. It turns out an interesting texture.

FlowerFlavor craft ice cream workshop
Address: Rozhdestvensky Blvd. 7, Room 1, Central Market
The first workshop, which was founded by real fans of their work. They tirelessly explore tastes and unusual combinations using only natural ingredients.

The Hotel Maroseyka 2/15 wishes you a tasty weekend.