The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel wants to share with you a great place to visit while in Moscow – the Moscow House of Artists on Kuznetsky Most. It combines the premises for exhibitions and fairs, the vegetarian restaurant “Jagannath”, a gift salon, and an art salon for designers.

On the eve of City Day, the Moscow Union of Artists is organizing an exhibition where you can see the corners of the capital untouched by time, rapid changes in the urban environment with its new solutions and faces of Muscovites. Famous Moscow “brands” will pass through the exhibition in dotted lines, measuring out different historical eras: the Kremlin, church architecture, Stalin’s skyscrapers, Moscow City, embankments, bridges, etc. Each of you will be able to continue the theme of the exhibition, presenting your Moscow, which has many hypostases. Even during the course of one human life, the capital is changing so much that many of the favorite places from childhood cannot be recognized. But the living spirit characteristic of our city, the Moscow historical aura, which the artists reflect in their works, is still preserved.

Address: st. Kuznetsk Bridge, 11, p. 1