Down from the Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel along the Old Square you can find Ilyinsky Square, which is a monument of landscape gardening art.

Here in 1887 a monument to the heroes of Plevna was founded (soldiers who died during battle for Plevna). Initially, the monument was planned to be erected at the very place of the armed conflict in Plevna, but as a result of the cooling of relations between Russia and Bulgaria due to the Bulgarian crisis, the monument was founded in Moscow.

And in 1992, a monument to the brothers Cyril and Methodius was inaugurated in the square.

In 2017, landscaping work began in the park. Ilyinsky Square today is part of a walking route from Lubyanka Square to Zaryadye Park. Also, the square will be equipped with two venues for events. One platform in the form of an amphitheater will be installed next to the monuments to the heroes of Plevna, the second – at the other end of the square near the monument to Cyril and Methodius.