New Year’s days should be filled with vivid emotions and impressions of unforgettable travel and entertainment. The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel wants to extend your excellent holiday mood and invites you to a New Year’s performance based on the beloved fairy tale “Twelve Months”.

The show will be held in the Circus of Miracles – a unique multiplex, which has no analogues in Russia.


  • 12 dizzying stunts and the most interesting circus genres: power acrobatics, aerial gymnastics, exciting juggling, modern clowning
  • 12 fun games – fairy tale characters will draw you into the plot
  • 12 pleasant surprises – live vocals, sand animation, unique illusions, voluminous scenery, laser show and much more
  • 12 congratulations – a real Santa Claus, to whom you can make a wish and a bunch of branded gifts

Address: metro Yasenevo, Lithuanian Blvd., 7