The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to pass the weekend for a fun Scottish game – curling. In recent decades, the game is gaining popularity and its fans. New clubs and playgrounds are opening.

The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel has gathered the top 3 places where you can play curling in Moscow:

  1. Curling club “New League”
    Unique premium complex. There are 4 world standard ice tracks.

    Cost: 6 500 rub / hour
    Address: Suschevsky Val, ow. 56, p. 5, ter. Festival Park
    8 964 580 44 66

  2. Moscow Curling Club
    In this place you will relax from everyday worries. Take a look at the Mulled Wine Restaurant, where the menu offers dishes of French, Italian and original cuisine. And desserts are only of our own production. There is a sharing – the ability to come alone and share the cost of renting a track with other players.

    Prices range from 6 000 rub / hour
    Address: Mikhailovsky passage, 1 p. 1
    +7 495 989 64 75

  3. Curling Club “Ice Planet”
    In this club you can not only play curling, but also play billiards or attend a concert.

    Address: st. Voronezh, d. 13
    8 495 399 21 12