The Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel invites you to visit an art exhibition in the field of VR technology.

This is a real breakthrough in VR. Just imagine now you will see in great detail the paintings of great artists. Walk through the halls of iconic galleries and museums; consider what is inaccessible to the human eye in reality.

One of 3 types of VR-trips is offered for viewing, each of them is 40 minutes in duration.

1. Posted by Edward Munch. Painting “Scream”
A human figure screaming in despair against a blood-red sky and an extremely general landscape background.

This is the most famous painting by the Norwegian expressionist artist, which excites the consciousness of people for more than a century. Audio and visual effects allow you to convey the experiences of the master and talk about his plan.

2. Posted by Salvador Dali. Picture “Archaeological Echo of Angelus”
The dream was very important for Dali, through him he described his crazy fantasies. In this VR tape, you will be transported to the imaginary world of Dali.

3. Posted by Claude Monet. Painting “Water Lilies”
You will not only immerse yourself in the legendary picture, but also find out how the artist was inspired. The virtual journey begins with the artist’s garden in Giverny, to which Monet paid great attention. Then you find yourself in the author’s workshop, where Claude Monet created his masterpieces.

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