Walking along the lanes of Kitai Gorod, surely reach the legendary Khitrovskaya Square, located between Pokrovsky Boulevard and Solyanka Street.

Exactly there was Khitrov the market and a tavern with the gloomy name “Penal servitude” – the most dangerous place of Moscow at a turn of the 19-20th centuries where fights and quarrels between lodgers of the hostels – runaway convicts, robbers, robbers constantly broke out.

An interesting fact – in one of these houses in 1902 he came to study the life of the Moscow bottom of K.S. Stanislavsky before staging M. Gorky’s play “At the Bottom.”

But, despite this, Khitrovka – was also a bohemian district – artists, musicians and writers settled in her apartment buildings.

In particular, there was a studio of artist Isaac Levitan, where the entire Moscow beau mond was.

The ensemble of Khitrovskaya Square has been preserved, the main part was restored in 2019 and is a pleasant place for walks.