The Maroseyka 2/15 hotel offers you a list of places with Christmas mood.

  1. Lutheran St. Peter and Paul cathedral hosts 10th international festival “Road to Christmass”, where one can enjoy listening to compositions by Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and other famous composers.

    +7 499 923 22 78
    Address: Starosadsky per., 7

  2. “Ice Moscow and family” at Poklonnaya Gora. 2000 square meters of ice sculptures on the subject of Great Russian achievements. 50 meters high ice Moscow Kremlin is a starting point for your adventure among ice slides. One can slide only using saucer for technological reasons. Two 100 meters high tube ice slides are located on a hill, from where you can enjoy a beautiful scene.

    The exposition is open from December 28 to January 12
    +7 (963) 966-12-11
    Address: Poklonnaya Gora

  3. Light shows on Manege Square

    On the facade of the building of the exhibition hall will be shown several mini-films on holiday themes. The program launch dates have not yet been determined (in 2018 – from December 14 to December 20).

    The duration of each show is three hours – from 19:00 to 22:00. Hurry to plunge into a fairy tale, revived in the very center of Moscow.

    Address: Manezhnaya Square, 1

  4. Morozovo. Night skating rink

    Morozovo Ice Palace invites you to ride on an indoor ice rink every Saturday from 22:00 to 05:30. Morozovo created a space where it will not be boring, because it works for you: a cafe-bar, an ice disco, games and competitions, theme parties, and a professional photographer.

    +7 (916) 627-76-06, +7 (926) 133-65-18, +7 (925) 449-14-64
    Address: metro Dubrovka / metro Volgogradsky Prospekt
    st. Novoostapovskaya d. 5 pp.

  5. The show “Cheburashka. Homecoming”

    This is a musical performance for the whole family. A new story of your favorite characters in which famous heroes come to life. The original story tells about young skater Alina, whom the heroes of the legendary cartoons help to find their way home.

    Address: Center for Culture and Arts “Schukino”, st. Marshal Malinovsky, d. 7>