It doesn’t matter how old you are, birthday is a great reason to have fun. And if only a traditional feast at home or in a restaurant comes to mind, then Maroseyka 2/15 Hotel is in a hurry to offer you more modern ideas for making a party:

  • quests with riddles and puzzles or immersion in virtual reality;
  • friendly golf and bowling tournaments;
  • boating and photo walk through beautiful places;
  • horseback riding through fields and forests;
  • off-road racing on quad bikes and on go-kart tracks;
  • various workshops;
  • gatherings in anticafe or hookah;
  • yacht banquet or hot air balloon picnic;
  • anti-movie theaters for movie buffs and game consoles;
  • sports activities: rope parks, trampolines and climbing walls;
  • extreme water sports: wakeboard and flyboard
  • winter activities: ice skating, skiing, tubing and snowboarding